Our Services

Fabulous Fiber LLC connections will allow businesses to use the latest in high speed connectivity and various other services like voice (VoIP) and dedicated communications between common properties.
For more information on our services please contact our office at (815) 802-5280
Server Rack Space

4U Rack Space



Web Hosting

Web Hosting packages very depending on your specific needs.
In most cases we are able to accommodate.

Linux servers running Apache
MySQL Database
Backups are run daily on all our servers
We host standard HTML, PHP Sites, WordPress, Prech, Custom Programmed, SSL Sites

Email Hosting

While most of our services include email hosting we do provide an email hosting only solution starting at $35 monthly.
POP3/SMTP and Web Mail

Bundle Fiber Service with Email and Web Hosting

Add $15.00/month

Server Rack Space

Fiber Wireless

Installs starting at $249 Pricing:
Residential starting at $39.00
Business starting at $79.00

Server Rack Space

10MB Fiber Backbone
Symmetrical Service

29 IP Set; 6-Routable
On-Site Support; Video Monitoring

VLAN Routing between fiber clients and your fiber network connection. You can select the speed of the connection by megabytes $10 per megabyte up to GigE; one-time $500 setup charge.

Server Rack Space

100 MB Burst-able Fiber Service



500 MB Sustained Connection



GigE Fiber Service



Terabyte Fiber Service

Contact us for more information.